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Double-Sided Fur Brush with Classic Handle

Double-Sided Fur Brush with Classic Handle

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This two-sided fur brush is suitable for daily grooming of dogs, cats and other small animals. The brush on one side gently removes loose hair, knots and dirt, while the gloss brush on the other side gives the coat a healthy glow. Depending on the version, the brush has a rubber, ribbed or silicone coated handle.

• Double-sided fur brush with plucking and shine brush
• Suitable for all skin types
• Optionally available with plastic handle (black brush head) or with silicone-coated soft handle (green brush head)
• Overall size: approx. 19 x 11cm (L x W)
• Size brush head: approx. 11 x 7cm
• Plucking brush: approx. 13mm long wire bristles, slightly angled
• Gloss brush: about 20mm long synthetic bristles, black

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