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Terumo Surflo Butterfly Needle 23G, 0.60 x 19,blue

Terumo Surflo Butterfly Needle 23G, 0.60 x 19,blue

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The Terumo Surflo Butterfly Needle,23G, 0.60 x 19,blue is a premium quality medical needle designed for easy and precise venipuncture. This butterfly needle features a flexible silicone tubing and a winged grip for secure handling during procedures. The Terumo Surflo Butterfly Needle is ideal for patients with fragile veins or for those requiring longer IV therapy. Its sharp needle ensures minimal discomfort for patients. This needle is perfect for clinics, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. Invest in the superior quality and reliability of the Terumo Surflo Butterfly Needle for your medical practice. (Keyword: Terumo Surflo Butterfly Needle)

  • 1 box with 50 pcs (27G: 1 box with 100 pcs)
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