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Teqler Vinyl Gloves (Powder-Free) - Medium

Teqler Vinyl Gloves (Powder-Free) - Medium

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The vinyl gloves from Teqler are latex free, making them ideal for users with latex allergies. The high-quality gloves are non-sterile, powder free and have an excellent fit to guarantee wearing comfort. The disposable vinyl gloves have a smooth surface to offer good tactile sensitivity. Due to their excellent wear properties, the gloves can be used in every medical and healthcare sector.

The disposable gloves are ideal for working with low risk factors, like in nursing care or cleaning. They offer an affordable alternative to nitrile or latex gloves and protect the patient and wearer from contamination and germ transmission. Additionally, the vinyl gloves without powder can be worn by people with sensitive skin or allergic reactions to latex. The single use gloves are made from soft vinyl and are compliant with EN455 with an AQL of 1.5.

Powder-free gloves
Gloves made from vinyl
With beaded cuff
Tear-resistant and flexible material
Without latex or DOP
Free of allergenic proteins
Excellent fit and high wearing comfort
High tactile sensitivity
AQL 1.5
Conforms with EN 455
Colour: white
1 pack contains 100 gloves
Available in different sizes
Shelf-life: 5 years

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