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Teqler Tuberculin Syringe x 100

Teqler Tuberculin Syringe x 100

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Teqler tuberculin syringe with Luer approach in high quality. 100 pieces with attached cannula, individually sterile packed. The Teqler tuberculin syringe with a cannula features an easy-to-read black scale and a smooth-running plunger for optimal dosing. The displacement tip allows one to completely empty the syringe without leaving any dead space.

• Single-use tuberculin syringe with cannula (0.50mm x 16mm)
• Luer connector
• Black, smudge-proof scale (scale value: 0.01ml)
• Smooth-running plunger
• Displacement tip: no dead space
• Individually sterile packed
• Pack of 100 syringes

Tuberculin syringes are devices used to measure and deliver a specific amount of liquid through a needle. They are used for subcutaneous or intradermal injections of medicines, vaccines, or other substances.

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