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Teqler Strong Wooden Massage Couch

Teqler Strong Wooden Massage Couch

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• Thick upholstery, synthetic leather cover
• Colour: Pretrol Blue with Light Frame
• Height-adjustable beech wood frame
• Includes headrest and armrest
• Dimensions of lying surface: 185cm x 75cm
• Maximum load capacity: 250kg

This wooden massage couch from Teqler is a portable therapy table that is characterised by a robust beechwood frame and comfortably upholstered surface. The synthetic leather cover is made of soft, medical-grade polyurethane and can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

Accessories for this wooden massage couch not only include an anatomically-designed headrest that allows the patient to either lay on his back or tummy, but also a practical armrest on which the patient can comfortably lay his arms when lying in a face down position.

• Beechwood frame, optionally stained light or dark
• Comfortable, 8cm thick upholstery
• Hygienic synthetic leather cover
• Anatomically designed headrest
• Allows one to lie in the prone or supine position
• Removable upholstery cut-out for the face
• Lying surface dimensions: 185cm x 75cm
• Height adjustable from 65cm - 89cm
• Static load capacity of 250kg max.
• Weight: 21kg

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