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Teqler Couch Roll - 39cm - Box of 9

Teqler Couch Roll - 39cm - Box of 9

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This hygienic couch paper protects the patient couches in your medical practice from soiling and at the same time increases patient comfort. Thanks to a new bonding technique, this hygienic 2-ply couch roll is even more stable and more absorbent.

The couch paper with perforation is available in different widths, depending on your needs, so that you can choose the paper to fit the dimensions of your patient couches.

Product Details:
Cover for patient couches
Made of white recycled tissue
Medical roll with 17.5 g/m2, glued
Length: 46 m
Roll width of the medical roll: 39-59 cm
Provides 135 sheets at 34 cm each
The rolls are suitable for dispenser systems
1 box with 9 rolls

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