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Suture Removal Kit

Suture Removal Kit

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Product overview

  • Set for simple suture removal
  • To remove surgical suture
  • Contains forceps, stitch cutter and swabs
  • Sterile packaged
  • 1 set

Suture Removal Set Plus, Sterile:

This sterile suture removal set is suited for removing surgical suture and contains everything you need for suture removal. The metal, single-use anatomical forceps enable the suture material to be securely fixed, and the handy thread knife can be used to cut the sutures quickly and gently.

The swabs are suited for final wound cleaning and can be simply placed with the other single-use instruments into the collection tray for disposal.

Product Details

  • Sterile suture removal set from Teqler
  • Complete suture removal set with hygienic, single-use instruments and dressing material
  • Sterile packed
  • 1 set


  • 1 metal anatomical forceps (single use)
  • 1 stitch cutter with handle (single use)
  • 3 gauze swabs, 8-ply, 10 x 10 cm
  • 1 collection tray, transparent
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