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Suction Electrode | Child | 15mm

Suction Electrode | Child | 15mm

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Product overview:

  • Metal electrode surface
  • With rubber ball to create suction effect
  • Connection for rivet button or banana plugs
  • For chest leads
  • Ø: 24 mm (adults); 15 mm (children)

Suction Electrode:

Suction electrodes with metal electrode surface and rubber ball for creating suction. On the side, there is a connection for rivet button or banana plugs. The electrodes are available with 15 mm or 25 mm diameters for children or adults, respectively. In order to improve signal quality, the suction electrodes can be used with a contact medium such as ECG gel or electrode cream. The electrodes are available with either 15 or 24 mm diameter for children and adults.

Product Details:

  • Suction electrode
  • With connection for rivet button or banana plugs
  • Diameter: 24 mm (for adults) or 15 mm (for children)
  • Metal electrode surface
  • Rubber ball for creating suction effect
  • Compatible with all common contact mediums (gel, cream, spray)
  • For chest leads
  • 1 piece
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