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Roche Micral-Test

Roche Micral-Test

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Product overview:

  • For determining presence of macroalbuminuria
  • Semiquantitative, cut off limit: 20 mg/l.
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Fast test results (within 1 minute)
  • 30 test strips

Application overview:

  • Cardiovascular risk indicator
  • Early detection of nephropathies

Roche Micral-Test:

The micral-test & nbsp; from Roche is a visually analysable urine test strip that is used for immunological detection of microalbuminuria. Thanks to a cut off level of 20 mg/l, the micral-test can detect the smallest amounts of microalbumin and, therefore, comes into use as an early clinical marker for nephropathic diagnostics and as an indicator of an increased risk of cardiovascular events. The semiquantitative microalbumin test strips are easy to manipulate and deliver test results within 1 minute.

Product Details:

  • Micral-Test & nbsp; urine test strips
  • For visual analysis
  • Immunological determination of microalbuminuria
  • Semiquantitative
  • Cut off limit: 20 mg/l & nbsp.
  • Fast results within 1 minute
  • Easy manipulation
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Long colour stability allows one to surpass the reading time (up to max. 5 minutes)
  • Measurement range: 20 - 200 mg/l & nbsp.
  • Results display: negative, 20, 50, >100 mg/l & nbsp.
  • 1 Pack with 30 Micral Test urine test strips & nbsp.
  • & nbsp.

Uses for the Roche Micral-Test & nbsp:

  • For early detection of diabetic and hypertensive nephropathies & nbsp.
  • As an indicator for increased cardiovascular risk
  • As an indicator for increased cardiovascular and overall mortality
  • As a predictive factor for cardiovascular events from a present metabolic syndrome
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