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Phlebotomy Wedge Disposable Cover x 25

Phlebotomy Wedge Disposable Cover x 25

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Product Overview:
• Fleece cover, 53 x 21cm
• Skin-friendly, soft and comfortable
• Suitable for injection pads up to 50cm long
• Tear resistant, water-resistant & non-linting
• 1 Box with 25 disposable covers

This disposable cover for phlebotomy wedges is made of soft, skin-friendly fleece material and acts as an hygienic protective cover during blood drawing, infusions and injections. The fleece cover prevents direct contact between the patient and phlebotomy wedge, providing a high level of hygiene throughout the day.

Product Details:
• Disposable cover for phlebotomy wedges
• Suited for phlebotomy wedges up to 50cm in length
• Made of soft and skin-friendly fleece material
• Protects the wedge from contamination
• For more hygiene during phlebotomy, infusions and injections
• Colour: white
• Non-sterile
• Tear resistant
• Liquid repellent
• Non-linting
• Size: 53 x 21cm
• 1 box with 25 disposable cases

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