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Pet Flea Comb

Pet Flea Comb

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This handy flea comb effortlessly removes ectoparasites, dust and dirt from the fur of dogs, cats and other animals. In addition, thanks to the fine teeth, flea feces which indicate a parasite infestation on the animal can be effectively combed out. The rounded metal tines of the comb are rounded to ensure that sensitive skin of small animals is not injured. The use of the flea comb is also particularly pleasant for the user, as the rubber handle is ergonomically shaped and ribbed.

• Flea comb for all types of animal and fur
• Extra tight teeth
• Ergonomically shaped, ribbed, rubber handle
• With integrated loop for suspension
• Material: Polypropylene
• Total dimensions: 19 x 4cm
• Tines: 50 x 12mm
• Colours: grey / lime

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