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Personal Sharps Bin Box - 200ml

Personal Sharps Bin Box - 200ml

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Product overview

  • Puncture-proof sharps container
  • With stripping aid
  • With different capacities (up to max. 22 litres)
  • Lid can be locked temporarily or irreversibly
  • To discard needles, scalpel blades, etc


Sharps Container

The Teqler sharps containers are made of puncture-proof material and thus enable the disposal of sharp and pointed consumables, such as cannulas or scalpel blades. Depending on requirements, the discard containers are available in various sizes and designs, so that they are particularly suitable for discarding disposable instruments (10 litre container) or used test strips (200 ml container), for example.

From a size of 3 litres, Teqler sharps containers come with a stripping aid in the lid which allow the cannula to be removed from the syringe without touching it, thus ensuring a high level of safety for the user.

Product Details

  • Durable sharps container
  • Available in different sizes and versions
  • 200 ml container for used test strips
  • 3 l and 5 l container for the disposal of needles, scalpel blades, pipette tips and disposable instruments
  • 10 l container for the disposal of disposable instruments
  • 22 l container for the disposal of needles, scalpels and larger instruments
  • Leak-proof and odour-proof seal (sizes 3 l - 22 l)
  • The lid can be locked in one position and later re-opened, or set to another position to be closed permanently
  • 1 piece
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