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Pean Artery Forceps 14cm (Single Use) x 20

Pean Artery Forceps 14cm (Single Use) x 20

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Teqler Pean Artery Forceps, straight The Pean artery forceps is a straight surgical instrument. These straight Pean artery forceps are not only used for primary haemostasis, but also for gripping and holding severed blood vessels. Thanks to the locking mechanism, the artery forceps can be easily fixed in a specific position. The Pean artery forceps are part of the Teqler Instruments single-use instrument series. The single-use instruments from Teqler not only ensure high levels of user safety, but also enable easy documentation. There are 2 peel-away barcode stickers with the batch number and article description on every instrument pack. The stickers can be easily stuck into the patient file for documentation purposes. In addition, there is no risk of cross-contamination or transmission of infection, and no costly/time-consuming reprocessing is required.

Product Details Teqler Pean artery forceps Mat surgical instrument Forceps for reducing arterial bleeding/for short-term grasping and holding of severed blood vessels For use prior to ligature Blunt forceps, serrated blade ends Straight design Rust-free, stainless steel With locking mechanism for fixation of the forceps Length: 14 cm Sterile shelf-life: 3 years Colour-coded (clearly identifiable as a disposable surgical instrument) Fixed onto a cardboard dispenser sheet and individually sterile sealed With 2 peel-off documentation stickers on every pack Dispenser box with 20 single-use instruments Not suitable for sterilisation

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