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Paper Towels 2-ply - White (3200)

Paper Towels 2-ply - White (3200)

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These 2-ply, white disposable towels in zig-zag fold are suitable for many common dispensers with their size of approx. 23 x 23 cm. The paper towels are bright white and made of quality cellulose. The paper towels are supplied in a box with 20 packs of 160 sheets each, which corresponds to a total of 3200 sheets. The paper towels from Teqler also have a V-fold.

Paper towels reduce the risk of pathogens spreading through the air which reduces the risk of contaminating nearby surfaces. The towels trap pathogens and moisture in the user’s hands and can then be disposed of, thus contributing to maintaining hygiene standards in practices and hospitals.

Product Details
Disposable towels, 2-ply
High-quality tissue
Approx. ca 23 x 23 cm
Colour: bright white
Sub-packaging: 20 x 160 pcs
1 box contains 3,200 units

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