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Oxygen Nasal Cannula

Oxygen Nasal Cannula

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Product overview:

  • Oxygen nasal cannula for adults
  • For short- and long-term oxygen therapy
  • Equipped with a standard connector
  • DEHP-, DOP- & latex-free
  • Tube length of the oxygen goggles: 2.10 m

Oxygen Nasal Cannula

This oxygen nasal cannula from Teqler is DEHP and DOP-free, and equipped with a standard connector. It is used for the nasal administration of oxygen. Oxygen therapies are needed for the symptomatic therapy of a COPD exacerbation, when oxygen is administered through nasal cannulas or oxygen masks. However, if an adequate oxygen supply is guaranteed, the nasal cannula is preferable to the oxygen mask, as it is more comfortable for patients.

The ear hooks of the nasal cannulas rest on the ears and are locked under the patient's chin by means of a sliding connector that holds the cannula in place. The prongs of the nasal sit just insidethe nose. The nasal cannula are supplied with a tube length of 2.10 m.

Product Details

  • Oxygen nasal cannula
  • For adults
  • For short or long-term oxygen therapies, e.g. for COPD or pulmonary emphysema
  • DEHP and DOP-free
  • Latex-free
  • With a standard connector
  • Non-sterile
  • Tube length: 2.10 m
  • 1 piece
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