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Oxygen Nasal Cannula

Oxygen Nasal Cannula

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The Teqler nasal cannula is DEHP and DOP-free and equipped with a standard connector. Nasal cannulas are used for nasal oxygen administration, e.g. in symptomatic therapy of an COPD exacerbation. While oxygen therapy can be performed with an oxygen mask or nasal cannula, the latter is preferable as it offers a higher level of patient comfort.
The tube brackets are positioned at the ears and attached at the patients chin with help of straps to prevent the cannula from moving. The prongs are placed in the nostrils. The Teqler nasal cannula is delivered with a 2.10m long tube.

• Nasal cannula for adults
• For short and long-term oxygen therapy (e.g. in COPS or pulmonary emphysema)
• DEHP and DOP-free
• Latex-free
• Nasal cannula with standard connector
• Non-sterile
• Tube length: 2.10m
• PZN: 3048929

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