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Nail Scissors (Single Use) x 20

Nail Scissors (Single Use) x 20

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These Teqler nail scissors are a high-quality disposable instrument made of metal. The matt surface ensures that there are no disruptive reflections. As with all Teqler disposable instruments these scissors have a sterile shelf-life of 3 years and, therefore, can be economically stored. The 20 nail scissors for manicures and pedicures come in a practical, stackable dispenser box. The nail scissors are curved at the cutting end and have a length of 9 cm.

The hygienic single use sterile instruments for nail care are well suited for hospital and nursing wards. After use the disposable nail scissors can simply be disposed of in a waste container with no time-consuming reprocessing required.

The nail scissors now feature a coloured label to make them easier to identify as a single-use instrument.

Product Details:
9 cm long
Ergonomically curved cutting edge
For manicures and pedicures
Individually sterile packed
Hygienic and safe
Long sterile shelf life ensures economical storage
No risk of cross-contamination or transmission of infection
Cost and time savings (no reprocessing required)
Hygienically fixed on a cardboard dispensing sheet
Clear, colour lable identification as disposable instrument
Can be dispoed of in any suitable waste container
Matting prevents disruptive reflections during surgical operations
Hygienic and safe
1 dispenser box with 20 individually sterile packed Teqler nail scissors

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