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Luxascope Sonus Flat Flex Single-Head Stethoscope red

Luxascope Sonus Flat Flex Single-Head Stethoscope red

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Product overview:

  • Added hygiene through single-use diaphragms
  • Aluminium headset and chestpiece
  • Single tube system
  • Optimal sound, latex-free and phthalate-free
  • Available in different colours

Luxascope Sonus Flat Flex Single-Head Stethoscope:

The Luxascope Sonus Flat Flex is a single-head stethoscope which allows the user to replace the diaphragm in only a few brief steps. This makes the stethoscope excellent for examining patients with a higher risk of infection – for example, during outbreaks (epidemics), for emergency patients with an unclear condition or patients with large, open surface wounds.

The Sonus Flat Flex single-head stethoscope is equipped with a single-tube system and does not contain phthalates or latex, making it great for those with allergies.

Product Details:

  • Single-head stethoscope for general examinations
  • Replaceable diaphragm provides high level of hygiene
  • Ideal for examining highly infectious patients
  • No time-intensive disinfection necessary
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination to a minimum
  • Aluminium chestpiece (black)
  • Less environmental strain than single-use stethoscopes
  • Aluminium headset
  • Free of latex and phthalates
  • Single-tube system
  • Affordable replacement diaphragms offer economical advantages
  • Available in various colours
  • Great for stocking emergency kits and ambulances

The compatible single-use diaphragms for the Luxascope Sonus Flat Flex single-head stethoscope are also available for a low price from ZEDMED-UK.


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