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Litter Rescue Stretcher

Litter Rescue Stretcher

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The litter is used when a patient needs to be rescued from hazardous terrain where the use of a common stretcher is impossible. The robust litter is fitted with grips all around the outside edge as well as openings for safety cords. The 3 safety straps secure the patient within the litter.

• Robust plastic litter
• Multiple grips around the outside edge
• Reinforced opening for safety cords
• Includes foot protection for patient
• For rescuing patients from hazardous terrain
• Load capacity: 159kg
• Size: 216 x 61 x 19cm
• With 3 safety straps
• Padding inside litter increases patient comfort
• Blue carrier bag: approx. 46 x 87 x 1cm (H x W x D)

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