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Lister Bandage Scissors (Single Use) x 20

Lister Bandage Scissors (Single Use) x 20

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These Lister bandage scissors are a single-use instrument from Teqler made with matt metal, which can be economically stored, thanks to their long, sterile shelf-life. These single-use bandage scissors have the familiar feel and optimal functionality of a reusable instrument, while only being used once and then immediately disposed of.

The bandage scissors now feature a coloured label to make them easier to identify as a single-use instrument.

Product Details:
Teqler bandage scissors, Lister style
14 cm long
Metal instrument for single use
Matted to prevent disturbing reflections
Long, sterile shelf-life allows for economical storage
Pleasant haptics, high functionality
Clearly marked as single-use instrument
Each pair of bandage scissors is individually, sterile sealed and comes with 2 documentation stickers
1 Dispensor box with 20 instruments

Advantages of Teqler Disposable Instruments:
Long, sterile shelf-life (3 years)
No risk of cross contamination or infectious transfers
Cost and time saving (no preparation process)
Instruments are immediately ready for use (no lost time from prep)
No distracting reflections during operation, thanks to matte metal
Each instrument (up to the vaginal speculum) is fixed on an hygienic enriched cardboard. This allows the disposable instruments to be reached with particular ease
High functionality and perfect mechanical qualities as each use is carried out with a new instrument
Easy and certain documentation (on each sterile package is 2 removable stickers with a barcode, charge number and short article description)
Disposal can be carried out with any compatible disposal container

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