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Isotonic Saline Solution 0.9% 1 litre

Isotonic Saline Solution 0.9% 1 litre

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Product overview:

  • 0.9 % NaCl infusion solution
  • In ecoflac plus polyethylene bottle
  • Multiple applications, e.g. as carrier solution
  • With two piercing locations
  • Suspended from the bottom of the bottle. 

Product Details:

  • Isotonic saline solution 0.9 %
  • Ingredients: Sodium chloride, water for injections
  • In the ecoflac® plus PE bottle
  • With 2 piercing options and suspension at the bottom of the bottle.


B. Braun Isotonic Saline Solution 0.9%:

This 0.9 % isotonic saline solution from B. Braun is an infusion solution which can be used as a carrier solution for compatible medicines or for moistening wads or dressings during wound treatment. 

The saline solution is supplied in the practical Ecoflac PE bottle, which can be easily attached to all common infusion stands for infusion purposes. 

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