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Instant Cold Compress - Small

Instant Cold Compress - Small

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The disposable instant cold pack from Teqler is an ice pack that is activated by squeezing which triggers an instantly activating freezing agent. The instant ice pack does not need to be cold stored and is ready for first aid use at all times. The cold pack is available in 2 compact sizes and can be easily stored in a doctor's bag or first aid kit for soothing cold therapy.

The instant cold pack is excellent for quick pain relief or cooling and is used for minor injuries, bruises, swelling, contusions or minor burns. After activating the pack by squeezing, apply the pack to the affected area. The ice works quickly to reduce swelling and pain.

Product Details:
Instant ice pack
Single use
For external application
Instantly activating freezing agent
Activated by squeezing
Extra long lasting cooling action
Fixation e.g. with mesh bandage
Size: 15cm x 12cm
1 Instant ice pack

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