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Glucose Solution 5 %

Glucose Solution 5 %

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Product overview:

  • 5 % Glucose infusion solution
  • 837 kj/l which corresponds to 200 kcal/l.
  • With suspension & 2 piercing options
  • pH value 3.5 - 5.5

B. Braun Glucose Solution 5 %:

5 % glucose solution is used as a carrier solution for compatible electrolyte concentrates and medicines. It is supplied in a practical ecoflac® plus PE bottle which, in addition to the two piercing options, also features a plastic ring at the bottom of the bottle. This enables the infusion to be suspended and administered without any problems. The solution is clear, colourless, or almost colourless. The glucose solution is used, among other things, for hypoglycemia. 

Product Details:

  • Glucose infusion 5 % from B. Braun
  • 1 ml infusion solution contains 50 mg glucose in the form of glucose monohydrate.
  • Other ingredients: Water for injections
  • Infusion solution in a practical ecoflac® plus PE bottle
  • With 2 piercing options
  • Calorific value: 837 kj/l which corresponds to 200 kcal/l.
  • Theoretical osmolarity: 278 mOsm/l
  • pH value 3.5 - 5.5 

Glucose 5 solution is used for the treatment of fluid and sugar (carbohydrate) losses, as well as for diluting or administering other active substances by means of an infusion. It can be used to compensate for water loss caused by excessive sweating or kidney disease, for example. Together with appropriate electrolyte substitution, it can also be used for hydration.

 It can also be used to cover the daily water requirement and to supply tiny amounts of energy, for example to patients in intensive care who cannot drink on their own. In addition, it is excellently suited as a carrier solution for water-soluble pharmaceuticals. However, due to the acidic pH of the solution, incompatibilities may occur when mixing with other medicines.

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