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Gauze Balls (plum size) x 500

Gauze Balls (plum size) x 500

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Product overview

  • Non-sterile gauze balls
  • 20-thread
  • In practical resealable zipper bag
  • Multiple applications in the general practice
  • 1 bag with 500 pcs


Non-Sterile Gauze Balls

Gauze balls, non-sterile, from Teqler. These 20-thread gauze swabs have inward lying edges to prevent the threads from fraying. You will receive your gauze balls in a large zipper bag that easily reseals and protects your swabs from contamination, dirt and moisture.

Product Details

  • Gauze balls, non-sterile
  • 20-thread
  • Cut edges lie securely within the swab
  • Highly absorbent
  • Ideal for applying disinfectant and for absorbing wound liquid and blood
  • Packed in a practical zipper bag that reseals to protect the gauze balls from dirt and moisture
  • 1 zipper bag with 500 gauze balls

You may order the gauze swabs from Teqler in various sizes: hazelnut-size, walnut-size, or plum-size.

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