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Feilchenfeld Splinter Forceps 9cm x 20

Feilchenfeld Splinter Forceps 9cm x 20

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Due to their sharp narrow ends, each pair of Feichenfeld splinter forceps from Teqler is perfectly suitable for the removal of splinters and other small foreign bodies. The forceps from the Teqler series of single-use instruments are made of matted steel and are clearly labelled as a single-use instrument.

To ensure that the product is economically attractive and is used according to demand, each instrument is individually sterile sealed. Thanks to their sterile shelf-life of 3 years, the Teqler single-use instruments are also suitable for use in small and medium-sized practices.

There are 2 peel-away documentation stickers that can be stuck into the patient file on every sterile pack, which allows for particularly fast and easy documentation.

Product Details
Teqler Feilchenfeld splinter forceps
Economic disposable instrument
Material: matted steel
Length: 9 cm or 11 cm
With particularly narrow, sharp ends
Sterile shelf-life: 3 years
Hygienic use thanks to the practical cardboard sheet
With 2 peel-away barcode stickers on every sterilisation pack (with indication of batch no. and article description)
Dispenser box with 20 splinter forceps

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