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Double-Sided Pet Care Comb

Double-Sided Pet Care Comb

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The double-sided care comb unravels and cares for both long and short as well as thick and fine coats, thanks to the two sides with different toothing. Depending on the type of fur, either the side with the middle tines (about 1 mm tine spacing) or the side with the coarse tines (about 2 mm tine spacing) can be used. The metal tines are of course rounded and thus very gentle on the skin. Even for the user, the use is comfortable, the rubber handle of the comb is both ergonomically shaped and grooved.

• Double-Sided Care comb for detangling and care of short and long fur
• Long, rigid and rounded tines
• Ergonomically shaped, ribbed and rubber grip
• With integrated eyelet for suspension
• Material: Polypropylene
• Total dimensions: 19.5 x 5.1cm
• Teeth each: 72 x 22mm
• Tooth spacing: approx. 1mm and 2mm
• Colour: grey / lime

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