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Double-Sided Fur Brush with Soft Handle

Double-Sided Fur Brush with Soft Handle

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Product overview:

  • Double sided brush for cleaning and grooming
  • For the fur care of dogs
  • Available with classic or soft handle

Product Details:

  • Double-sided fur brush
  • Cleaning brush on one side, grooming brush on the other side
  • Ideal for the fur care of dogs
  • Suitable for every fur type
  • Particularly easy to use
  • Available with plastic handle (black brush head) or with silicone coated handle (green brush head)
  • Measurements brush head: ca. 11 x 7cm
  • Measurements total: ca. 19 x 11cm (L x W)

Cleaning Brush:

  • Ca. 13mm wire bristles
  • Slightly curved for better pull-effect
  • Ideal to clean fur of loose hairs
  • Can also be used to remove dirt, dust and dead skin

Grooming Brush:

  • Ca. 20mm plastic bristles
  • Colour: black
  • Arranged in tufts
  • Ideal to untangle fur
  • Allows the fur to gain a healthy shine
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