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Dissecting Anatomical Tweezers - 14cm (Single Use) x 20

Dissecting Anatomical Tweezers - 14cm (Single Use) x 20

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The dissecting forceps from Teqler are single-use instruments made of matted steel and are very economical thanks to their sterile shelf-life of 3 years. With these forceps, even sensitive structures can be gripped and held without causing trauma. This style of forceps is often also referred to as anatomical forceps or dressing forceps. Every instrument is individually sterile packed and fixed onto a cardboard dispenser sheet. This sheet allows the forceps to be dispensed without contact.

The dissecting forceps now feature a coloured label to make them easier to identify as a single-use instrument.

Product Details:
Teqler dissecting forceps (anatomical/dressing forceps)
For safely gripping and holding sensitive structures
Sterile shelf-life: 3 years
Affordable acquisition and low-maintenance
Sterile sealed and fixed onto a cardboard dispenser sheet
With 2 peel-away documentation stickers on every sterile pack
Dispenser box with 20 anatomical forceps

Benefits of Teqler Single-Use Instruments:
Unmistakably marked as a single-use instrument (colour marking in mint)
Long sterile shelf-life (3 years)
No risk of cross-contamination or infectious transmission
Cost and time saving (no preparation process)
Instruments are always ready for use (no idle time from preparation)
No troublesome reflections during surgical operations, thanks to matted metal
Each instrument (with the exception of the vaginal speculum) is fixed onto a hygienic cardboard dispenser sheet, which makes it easy to dispense the single-use instruments
High functionality and optimal mechanical properties since a new instrument is used every time
Easy and secure documentation (2 peel-away stickers with barcode, batch number and article description on every sterile pack)
The forceps can be disposed of in any suitable sharps container

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