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Disposable Sterile Scalpels with Steel Blade No 12 (Box of 10)

Disposable Sterile Scalpels with Steel Blade No 12 (Box of 10)

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These disposable scalpels are designed with a precision ground blade from high-quality, special hardened steel, which allows for excellent cutting without fear of bruising.

Thanks to the availability of 9 different blade types, you will receive your disposable scalpels in the design which best fits your needs. These single-use scalpels can be used as any common scalpel would, but offer the advantage of being disposable into a sharps container, immediately following use.

Product Details:
• Made from high-quality hardened steel
• Precision cut
• Immediately ready for use
• Excellent cutting capacity (no bruising when cutting)
• Ergonomic, solid plastic handle
• Ribbed handle for a safe grip even while wearing gloves
• Scalpel blade securely anchored within handgrip
• Complete range of blades for all skin, tissue, organ, muscle and ligament incisions
• In sterile packaging
• Available in 9 blade shapes
• 10 scalpels per pack

As the disposable scalpels are disposed of after use, there is no risk of injuries resulting from removing the scalpel blade.

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