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Combur 9 Test 50 strips

Combur 9 Test 50 strips

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Product overview:

  • Even reaction colouring
  • Easily stored at room temperature
  • Simultaneous reading of all fields
  • Resistant to ascorbic acid
  • Available in two package sizes

Product Details:

  • Roche Combur 9 Test for urinalysis
  • For diagnostic testing
  • Uniform colour development provides good readability
  • High sensitivity
  • Resistant to ascorbic acid
  • Possible to view and read the entire range of test fields simultaneously
  • 50 or 100 test strips
  • Parameters: glucose, protein, pH, nitrite, ketone, urobilinogen, bilirubin, blood, leucocytes.

Combur 9 Urine Test Strips:

Combur 9 urine test strips from Roche have a special design that prevents reagent exchange between the individual test areas. Combur urine test strips are very easy to read and show uniform colour changes throughout the entire testing range. Thanks to their high sensitivity, Combur 9 urine test strips react to even the smallest pathological changes.

Relevance of Vitamin-C Suppression During Urinalysis:

A high concentration of vitamin-C in urine often leads to false negative test results during urinalysis. Here, the ascorbic acid as antioxidants prevents the reaction needed on the testing field of the urine test strips. Especially when determining haematuria, the false negative results can have wide-reaching consequences on treatment choices and, ultimately, effect the patient.

The Combur 9 test strips contain a test paper impregnated with iodate. This effectively neutralises the antioxidative effect of vitamin-C and effectively increases the test sensitivity for haematuria and glucosuria. This reliability, independent of the vitamin-C concentration, which is a central advantage of Combur test strips, was examined and confirmed in a scientific study. (Investigations of Ascorbic Acid Interference in Urine Test Strips)

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