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Combur 5 Test HC, 10 Urine Test Strips

Combur 5 Test HC, 10 Urine Test Strips

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Product overview:

  • Simple, visual evaluation
  • Uniform colour change
  • High sensitivity
  • Insensitive to ascorbic acid
  • Pack of 10 urine test strips

Application overview:

  • For the determination of glucose, protein, nitrite, leucocytes, and erythrocytes
  • For the detection of diabetes and diseases of the urinary tract.


Combur 5 Test HC, 10 Urine Test Strips:

The Combur 5 Test HC urine test strips are designed for detecting Leukocytes, Nitrite, Protein, Glucose, and Erythrocytes in urine. With high sensitivity, these strips reliably indicate even subtle pathological changes through colour changes, providing early indications of diseases before symptoms appear. 

Conditions such as urinary tract infections, kidney diseases, or undetected diabetes can be identified in their initial stages. The test strips feature a long handle for hygienic testing and provide easy readability with a consistent colour change.

Product Details:

  • Combur 5 Test HC, 10 Urine Test Strips
  • Roche urinary test strips
  • High sensitivity
  • Colour change even with subtle pathological changes.
  • Clear readability due to consistent colour change
  • Simultaneous reading of all test fields
  • Long strip handle for easy and hygienic testing
  • Storage at room temperature
  • Resistant to ascorbic acid
  • Quick testing in clinic and practice
  • Test parameters: glucose, protein, nitrite, leukocytes, erythrocytes (haemoglobin)
  • 1 pack with 10 test strips
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