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Cardiac Pipettes

Cardiac Pipettes

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Product overview:

  • Pipettes for the Cobas h 232
  • Smooth-running piston
  • For single use
  • Volume: 150 μl, integrated cannula
  • 1 pack with 20 pipettes

Cardiac Pipettes:

The Cardiac pipettes from Roche are used to apply blood to a Cardiac test strip for the cobas h 232 analysers. These single-use pipettes have a volume of 150 μl to guarantee an exact sample amount. Thanks to the firmly integrated cannula, the CARDIAC pipettes can be used to draw the required amount of blood directly from the blood collection tube without having to remove the tube cap.

Product Details:

  • Roche CARDIAC Pipettes
  • With firmly integrated cannula for insertion into blood collection tubes
  • Marking for 150 μl blood (this amount of blood is needed for all CARDIAC test strips)
  • Transparent cylinder
  • Smooth-running piston
  • Enables exact dosing.
  • Can be disposed of in all sharp’s bins.
  • Non-sterile disposable product
  • 1 box of 20 pieces
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