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Braun Vasofix Safety IV Cannula 22G 0.9 x 25mm Blue

Braun Vasofix Safety IV Cannula 22G 0.9 x 25mm Blue

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Braun Vasofix Safety IV Catheter

The Vasofix safety IV cannula from B. Braun offers increased security thanks to a safety clip. This safety mechanism cannot be bypassed - thus reducing the risk of needle stick injury and the associated risk of infection when handling the cannula.

The safety IV cannula has an injection port that allows for quick drug transfer without the need to repuncture.

Product Details

  • Vasofix safety cannula from B.Braun
  • Safety IV cannula
  • With FEP catheter (except G24, yellow with polyurethane catheter)
  • Integrated injection port
  • Excellent puncture characteristics thanks to an atraumatic needle tip with 3-facet bevel
  • Four fully embedded X-ray contrast strips
  • Hydrophobic blood stop valve
  • Removable lock closure cone
  • Cannula with Lock attachment
  • Colour coding according to size
  • Latex-free
  • PVC-free
  • Safety clip: needle tip is secured immediately after being pulled out
  • Each IV cannula is individually sterile-packed
  • Manufacturer: B. Braun
  • Complies with ISO standard 10.555-1/5
  • Available in sizes 14G (orange) to 24G (yellow)
  • Quantity: 1 piece

Safety Features at a Glance:

  • Self-activating clip technique
  • Securing the needle tip immediately after pulling it out
  • Mechanism cannot be bypassed
  • Minor adjustment of user habits
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