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Braun Sterican Disposable Cannulas 27G 0.40 x 20mm Grey (100 pcs)

Braun Sterican Disposable Cannulas 27G 0.40 x 20mm Grey (100 pcs)

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Product overview:

  • Sterican Cannula per DIN 13097
  • Latex- and PVC-free
  • With finely dosed silicon coating
  • Special facet grinding
  • 1 pack with 100 pcs.


Sterican Cannulas:


These disposable Braun Sterican 27G Disposable Cannulas from B.Braun feature a Luer-lock connection and have a flexible needle shaft made of stainless steel. Thanks to a special bevel cut, Sterican needles guarantee less painful injections with minimal trauma. Sterican cannulas are available in various sizes to fit your needs; from varying indications of an i.m injection to neural therapy.  


Product Details:

  • Sterican - disposable cannulas, in compliance with ISO 7864 and DIN 13097
  • Stainless, chromium-nickel steel shaft
  • With extremely smooth surface and fine silicone coating
  • Colour-coded needle hub made from polypropylene
  • Latex-free
  • PVC free
  • Special, faceted tip
  • LB (Long Bevel) allows for a low pain puncture
  • Individually sterile packaged
  • 1 pack contains 100 needles

Size Table | Sterican Needles:

Gauge x Length (") ∅ x Length (mm) Colour Code Recommended Indication (For Measurement)
20G x 1 1/2 0.90 x 40 yellow i.m., i.v., for thick solutions
21G x 1 1/2 0.80 x 40 green i.m., i.v., for large quantities, for diluted solutions
22G x 1 1/4 0.70 x 30 black
i.m., i.v.
23G x 1 1/4 0.60 x 30 blue  i.m., i.v., small quantities
23G x 1  0.60 x 25 blue i.m., i.v., small quantities
24G x 1 0.55 x 25 violet i.v., s.c., paediatrics
26G x 1  0.45 x 25 brown i.v., s.c., paediatrics
27G x 3/4 0.40 x 20 grey i.v., s.c. 
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