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Braun Intrafix Air P 150cm Infusion Set

Braun Intrafix Air P 150cm Infusion Set

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The Intrafix Air P is an infusion set for pressure and gravity infusion. Sharp injection tip for easy piercing, even of suspended IV fluid bags. The flexible pumping chamber with a high fluid level can be adjusted quickly and easily and the highly transparent glass drip chamber allows optimal observation of the filling level.

The Air P allows the infusion to be carried out quickly and easily. In addition, the latex-free Intrafix Air P 150 cm Luer-Lock infusion set has a bacteria-proof ventilation and can be sealed with a green Euro-cap. In addition, the orange roller clamp with a injection tip covering for safe disposal.

Product Details:
- Intrafix Air P infusion set designed for pressure and gravity infusion
- Sharp injection tip for easy piecing of hanging IV fluid bags
- Residue-free emptying
- Bacteria-proof ventilation Euro-cap
- Handy drip chamber design
- Drip chamber with transparent sight glass
- Upper part of the drip chamber ideal for attachment of an infusion pump drip sensor
- Free-standing, detached drip element
- Even drop formation
- Flexible pumping chamber - quick and easy to adjust
- 15 µm filter
- Orange roller clamp
- Injection tip covering for safe disposal
- Pressure resistant up to 2 bar
- With Luer-Lock attachment
- Latex-free
- DEHP-free
- Manufacturer: B. Braun Melsungen AG

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