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BD Discardit Syringes 2ml (100 pcs)

BD Discardit Syringes 2ml (100 pcs)

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The BD Discardit II syringe is a 2-piece syringe with a crystal-clear syringe barrel and smooth-running plunger. While the clear syringe barrel ensures good visibility of the solution, the exact amount is easy to read thanks to the clear, smudge-proof scale. The smooth and even plunger movement of the BD Discardit is supported by the lubricant oleamide and allows precise and safe application of the medication.

BD's sterile Discardit syringes are intended for single use and are available in sizes ranging from 2 ml to 20 ml. The packaging units are colour-coded so that the right size is immediately at hand.

Product Details
BD Discardit II Syringes
Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson
Disposable syringes with Luer connector
Transparent cylinder
Oleamide lubricant for a smooth glide
Wipe-resistant scale
PVC- and latex-free
Colour-coded packaging
Eccentric tip (except for 2ml with a centric tip)
Each sterile syringe is individually packaged
Quantity: 1 pack of 100

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