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Baby Underlays 40cm x 60cm (50)

Baby Underlays 40cm x 60cm (50)

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Our baby underlays have thick, soft padding to provide comfortable positioning for the baby during changing. The surface is made of skin-friendly textile-fleece, the underneath side is made of a foil that features a cute, child-friendly motif with zoo animals, princesses or dinosaurs. Within the baby underlays, there is an absorbent body made from soft cellulose flakes, which are able to absorb and bind urine. The underneath side of the underlay is made of a foil that prevents urine from seeping through; thus, protecting the changing table. These baby underlays are 40 x 60 cm large and can, in principle, be used multiple times, as long as nothing seeps through during changing and it is being used for the same baby. When using the baby changing mat in infant wards or kindergartens, a new, fresh changing mat should be used for each baby for maximum hygiene. This effectively prevents cross-contamination and infectious transmission. Product Details for the Baby Underlays Baby underlays Particularly soft padding Absorbent through absorbent body made from cellulose flakes Moisture is retained within the changing pad and not released back out Foil layer on the underside prevents urine seepage and protects the surface beneath Topside made of textile-fleece and is especially absorbent and skin friendly Fully sealed Ideal for medical facilities and diaper changes Available in various child-friendly motifs: zoo animals (orange), princesses (pink) or dinosaurs (green) Size: 40 x 60 cm 1 box with 50 baby underlays (every 10 pieces are sealed in foil) Changing Tables for Infant Wards and Paediatric Offices The baby underlays are ideal for use in infant wards of hospitals, birthing centres, daycares and paediatric offices, and of course, for mobile use on the go e.g. by midwives.

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